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Decided to make a private account for myself at @Spidermom and one for Madeline at @PetalmothMadeline

Both of these will likely be incredibly gratuitous and providing public content warnings for them is uncomfortable for a number of reasons so if you want access to them for whatever reason you'll have to talk to me first

Friend sent me some very cute mom-kobold, baby-dragon art, I'm glad they did but I wonder how they found it :IssaThink:

Ugh why do Identity Death stories fuck us up so much. I get that Madeline likes them but I just end up spending hours feeling somber about a fictional character

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Power outages don’t mean that we can’t have a lovely night in together 💕

Finished discounted scene for @Issa ! Thank you sm<3

Want to support me? Maybe you’ll consider buying me a coffee!

MatPat yelling at Sc*tt C*wthon and telling him he's wrong about his own game is now retroactively praxis

And if we follow his commandments and stay righteous, God's love will protect us anywhere, even in Electrical

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And now we call an emergency meeting every Sunday and vote to eject sin out the airlock of our soul

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And at the Last Supper, Jesus called an emergency meeting and told his disciples that there was an imposter among us.

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(Youth pastor voice) You know, Jesus was the original crewmate.

I'll have you know that my milkers are the mommiest of them, actually

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hrt, dumb 

Tony Hawk's Pro Gesterone

It's also probably going to be unreasonably long for what is basically a kink fic. Just pure indulgent drivel, absolutely awful, I'm so excited to write it.

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Anyways don't look forward to reading this. While I'll post it publicly once you see the content warnings you'll probably be disinterested. I'm writing this firmly for myself.

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Also so what if I write in first person I like trash fiction

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I mean, I did write 600 words in like 10 minutes but now I gotta, like, integrate it into a story instead of just being the disembodied core of it

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Want Too Write

Do Not Want To Exert Effort

Why Words Not Appear On Screen On Their Own?

Might be writing a few fics soon. In a real writing mood

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